Glenforsa Airfield
Glenforsa Airfield

Glenforsa Airfield can accommodate most light aircraft with up to four seats.  Full flight information can be obtained from the usual Flight Guides (Pooley's / AFE, etc.)  We arrange car hire at a discounted rate for pilots.

Built to complement the small cottage hospital in Salen, its main reason was to act as Mull's only fixed-wing air ambulance evacuation facility. Since its inception, David Howitt and his family, who then owned the adjacent Glenforsa Hotel, operated it first of all for the Argyll County Council, then the Strathclyde Regional Council, then the Argyll & Bute Council, then until March 31st 2015.

Since 1966, an average of one patient a month had been airlifted from the strip, mainly by Britten-Norman Islander aircraft operated by Loganair pilots, and daytime Scottish Air Ambulance helicopters. Night time evacuations by Navy Sea Kings have frequently taken place, and in all, over 400 patients have been airlifted from Mull.

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